FAQ’s – Storefront Glass and Metal


1Where all is your service located?
We offer complete glass solutions throughout New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Long Island.
2What all core services do you include?
We offer customized solutions for commercial storefront doors and windows in glass and aluminum.
3How do I know Storefront Glass & Metal is a reputed company?
You can trust our services and product quality as we have been in the industry since part 30 years and prioritizing the customer experience and offering the best storefront glass door and window solution is our prime objective.
4Do you have repair and replacement services?
Yes, you can reach out to our customer care team even at night and on weekends, and our skilled professionals will be at your doorsteps just in time.
5Why do I need a professional to install my storefront door?
The installation of specialized storefronts, whether you are looking to get a custom glass storefront, requires the expertise and knowledge of experienced professionals. Trying to install it yourself can make the glass prone to breaking, cracking, or otherwise presenting an undesirable appearance.
6How durable and safe it is to have a storefront as glass?
Storefront glass is definitely durable and safe. If you wish your storefront to be inviting, you should opt for glass storefront. Having a storefront glass allures more passersby to your store as they can have better visibility of store insides. Opting for glass doors and storefronts that are highly insulated helps maintain indoor temperatures. Storefront glass comes with security options with standard door handles, access controls, custom handles, and automated closers. You can also opt for locks and alarms for the extra security feature.
7What is the storefront glass made up of?
Aluminum and glass work as materials are sleek and simple material for storefront glass system as they offer hard edges and crisp lines. Type of glass selected directly differs on the energy efficiency and durability of it. For instance, Tinted and insulated glass keeps your store warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plexiglas can also be a good option if you want a more safe and secure option.
8What is the standard store door front glass thickness?
We have standard 10mm, 12mm, 15mm thickness glass for shower doors, glass walls and partitions and up to 19 mm (1 inch) for storefront glass doors and windows, mall fronts and glass doors.
9Approx. how much time is required, from the day of placing an order to install a glass storefront?
Five to seven business days. The actual time-frame will depend both on the availability of the hardware and on the current backlog at the glass fabricator. Due to the complexity and many custom options for our products, lead times can vary from one order to the next. An approximate installation date will be provided to you after your order has been confirmed.
10Can you repair scratches out of mirrors or glass?
Yes, we can remove scratches, repair and even replace any sorts of mirror or glass.
11How much time does it take to repair store front door?
It depends on a lot of factor like the intensity of damage, availability of the spare part. On your request, a supervisor reaches the site to check the intensity of the damage and suggests the best possible and durable solution, whether it needs just a repair or complete part replacement and accordingly estimate repair time is calculated.
12Do you offer emergency service if a window breaks of my business store front?
Yes, definitely. We offer 24 *7 assistance for all customer support related to repair and replacement of glass doors and windows.
13How quick is your 24 * 7 emergency service?
Our customer care executives respond back within one to two hours with immediate assistance to your concern.
14Is it better to go for storefront glass repair or replacement?
In most cases, the storefronts can be repaired but in case the frame is damaged beyond repair or part of the damage is missing, it is suggested to get it replaced.
15Do you offer custom size doors and frames?
Absolutely, we fabricate custom doors and frames to fit any size openings as per your requirement.
16What is the turnaround time for custom orders?
For a custom order, it usually takes production time of around 10-15 working days depending on the fabrication details and selection of material by the customer.
17How much does it cost to repair the glass door or window?
It depends on a lot of factors again like the intensity of repair and the possibility of restoring the same piece or replacing the entire part.
18What are the possible payment options?
We accept payment with all credit cards, PayPal and company checks with authorization. If paying with a company check, order(s) may be held until check clears with our bank.

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